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The Business Awards Show

Oct 13, 2021

Today I am joined by Christine Mackay, Founder and CEO of Salamandra.UK, a multi-award-winning animation specialist. Christine won the Best Business Woman in Business Services 2020 at the Best Business Women Awards.


{1:12} Why Christine started her business and why the animation industry is so special.


{3:10} Why awards are a key part of Christine’s business strategy.


{7:00} Christine won 20 awards in 2020. What is her thought process for selecting which awards to enter?


{11:27} Tips and advice for entering business awards.


{14:21} Remembering Christine’s first awards.


{15:15} How many years ago were those first awards?


{15:27} Why awards form part of Christine’s strategy every year.


{15:55} Christine's pivotal moment in entering awards.


{17:34} Christine is nominated for the Best Boss award at this year’s Best Business Women Awards. What other awards has she been nominated for?


Connect with Debbie at The Business Awards Show

Connect with Christine at Salamandra.UK

Twitter: @SalamandraUk

Instagram: @Salamandra.Uk

Facebook: @SalamandraUK