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The Business Awards Show

Nov 7, 2022

In this interview with Liz Drury, we discuss the Voice Over Industry and why Awards have been important to Liz both as an entrant and as a judge.

Liz has been working as a voiceover artist since 2013 initially starting her career in America and then coming back to the UK in 2014. Liz has since worked on projects for films, radio and TV commercials, documentaries, telephony, corporate narration, e-learning and audio tours.

To get an in-depth insight into the Voice Over industry, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 

{1.30} - Liz explains how her business journey started in America 

{2.46} - Liz talks about going to college and studying 

{3.06} - Starting a career in Voice Over work 

{4.52} - Different types of Voice Over roles 

{6.13} - Entering awards and the thought process behind it 

{7.30} - Voice Over awards and being a finalist 

{8.18} - Different categories within Voice Over awards 

{8.44} - Liz talks about her experience as a judge at Voice Over awards

{9.07} - The Radio awards and what they are 

{9.23} - Liz talks about her podcast and how it started 

{12.30} - Liz mentions the small business 100 community and its positive impacts on her business 

{15.39} - The origins of f:Entrepreneur 

{16.00} - 'I Also 100' community and the benefits 

{17.12} - Awards can be a vehicle towards a community 

{18.10} - Liz talks about how she met one of her podcast guests at an awards show 

{19.19} - Liz shares her biggest tip to market her business 


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